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Ryan and Melissa McEntee are the owners of Key Quest Acquisitions, LLC, a small real estate investment company in Orlando, FL. They are partners in marriage, parenting (three wonderful boys), and business ownership. They are a team.

​Ryan McEntee has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He is well known in the industry due to his professional history in the field as a heavy equipment operator, instructor, and supervisor. In his youth, his mother was a real estate agent and later became a title closer. Melissa McEntee grew up around the flooring industry and interior decorating field. Also, her grandmother was a real estate agent. Melissa has spent over 25 years of her professional life working in administration, customer service, and contract work. It only seemed natural that the knowledge and experience between the two of them lead up to them forming a company, Key Quest Acquisitions, LLC, that allowed them to transition into the real estate investment industry. They embrace the connections that they make in this industry and strive to create homeowner-to-investor win-win solutions, whether they put a property under contract to purchase as one of their own investment properties or to present the contract to one of their preferred buyers who is also in the real estate investment industry.

We buy houses!
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